Sunday, April 7, 2013

This is a very expensive, hand made bracelet which I was called upon to repair. It is made of 18K fold, featuring natural rubies and very nice quality diamonds. Each row of beads is seated upon a central hand made, coiled spring which is made of gold, and has a white gold back-bone which holds it all together and gives it flexibility. 

 Step one is to remove the clasp end of the bracelet so as to allow me to feed the individual parts off. This is done by carefully heating up the box-end of the clasp so as to melt the gold solder and pull the component off. As seen in the picture below.

Below we see the bracelet with the end remove. The blackened pieces of the bracelet are oxidized as a result of the heat required to remove the clasp.

The following pictures show the extent of the damage as I reveal the broken spring (spine) of the bracelet. At this point I am starting to wonder what my best course of action will be to repair this mess. 

Here I am starting to re-coil the spring. I will have to try my best to coil it up and maintain the original shape.

Below is where I have managed to successfully coil the spring, and tack the piece together. Now it is time to laser weld what I can, and solder what I can so as to join the two halves whilst maintaining spring and keeping durability for wear.

Here is the result of the process of joining the two pieces. Now it's time to clean up and polish the various parts.

After putting all of the various parts back together in the right order it is time to fit the clasp end and make sure that the the clasp locates properly and securely as before. 

After several hours of meticulous tinkering  the bracelet finally comes together and is ready to be polished, and finally worn again. 

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