Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eyeglass Repair Service

As part of my range of services, I am offering repairs to metal framed eyeglasses. I use a laser welder to perform these repairs, so that the visibility of the weld and thus the repair are minimal. Most optometrists in Ottawa will send your glasses out to Toronto or Montreal to have them repaired. This ends up costing you a turnaround time of a week usually, which is is unfortunate when you need your glasses for daily life.

Prices vary from repair to repair, depending on the complexity. A typical range is from $40 to $60 depending on the break. All the work is guaranteed, so if they break in the same place again, I will repair them in a more aggressive way, but at no charge. I repair any metal frames. Titanium included. 

I already have certain optometric clinics in the Ottawa area that are using my service, or simply referring clients to me. If you know of someone that needs a pair of glasses fixed, please send them my way.  

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