Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The McCaffrey Wedding Bands

Towards the end of 2012 I was approached by David and Christina to design and manufacture their wedding bands. This was indeed an honour for me, since David is the owner of  McCaffrey Haute Couture situated on Sussex Drive in the Byward Market area of Ottawa. 

David and Christina could have chosen any one of many designers and goldsmiths in Ottawa or rather in North America. Wherever they deal with the bridal industry. Taking this into account, I felt as if I had one a design award to receive the recognition of being chosen by the couple. 

The wedding bands both feature 18K yellow and 19K white gold. Christina's ring is accented with green and blue diamonds arranged around the band. Although different in dimensions of size and width, they are designed to mimic each. 

David and Christina were great to work with. It was a very positive experience. 

These are the bands as mentioned in the Ottawa Citizen on January 31, 2013. 

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