Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skull Ring Part 3 - Carving the helmet

The challenge here is to carve a set of wings which are basically symmetrical and the same mirror image of each other, but it helps that due to the natural organic aspect of the design, I allow myself to make slight differences in each. 

The pictures explain themselves, but here is the rundown:

  • draw a rough outline of the shape and size of the wings
  • place the sketch on the wax
  • transcribe the outline using a sharp tool to create a dotted line
  • remove the sketch which is now useless and full of holes!
  • begin carving the rough outline
  • start adding finer carved details
  • separate the winds and smooth out the carving, tweaking the details as necessary
  • align the wings and the shield roughly and melt together underneath to create a basic helmet
  • time to cast the basic design in silver
Part 4 to follow: tweaking and fitting the helmet to the skull.

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