Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skull Ring Development Part 2

This is the skull ring without it's helmet which is to follow. This is just after the ring has been cast in silver. It is now time to clean it up. This means tweaking the shape, finessing any lines that need to be sharpened up and finally it will be time for polishing.

Before final polishing there are a few more steps. I will need to create the "helmet" which is made up of a pair of wings which come together to hold a shield on the forehead. So instead of wasting time polishing the ring now, I will prepare it to the point of being ready for polishing, but I am going to be modelling the helmet to fit. This process of carving the helmet will be featured in part 3. 

I also need to make a mold of the ring. It took quite a few hours of carving, and I would like to make a copy of the ring so as to make the process worth my while. 

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